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Our Services at a Glance

Our aim is to offer valuable quality products to the market that clearly represent the special effort in material and working time. A comprehensive range of bed slats - Made in Germany.


Product Diversity

Our product range includes bed frames, slatted bases, box springs, motorized frames, mattresses, and individually customized sleep systems.


Customization and Labels

Development of customer-specific assortments and labels. Picking, packaging, and neutral shipping on behalf of our commercial clients.



In the production of the slatted bases, we exclusively use beechwood sourced from sustainable cultivation (FSC/PEFC certified).


Quick Delivery

With delivery in just 7-10 business days for standard models, we set new standards. For custom models, we deliver as quickly as possible by agreement. We are proud to process inquiries quickly and deliver worldwide.


Special Customizations

Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we offer tailor-made solutions for every need - whether it's a unique individual piece or a large order for industrial projects.


Transparent Supply Chain

Our wood suppliers are subject to ongoing on-site inspections to ensure working conditions and sustainable supply chains. We advocate for transparency and ethical trade.

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Our wide-ranging assortment offers you tailor-made solutions in the areas of slatted bases, mattresses, special senior solutions, and weight-related sleeping to meet every individual sleep need.

Frequently asked questions

Welcome to the FAQ section – here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our products.

Do you offer tailor-made solutions for B2B customers?

Of course! We specialize in developing new products that are precisely tailored to the needs of your customers. With personalized branding and specialized wood processing techniques through our CNC facility, we can create individual pieces that are unique. Do not hesitate to contact us to explore the various possibilities of customization and personalization.

Where do you deliver and is there a minimum order?

We are very flexible when it comes to order quantity - there is no minimum order. We can deliver from individual pieces to full truckloads. As for shipping, we have already delivered to all parts of the world and are therefore very familiar with various delivery modalities, both domestically and internationally. This also includes handling customs formalities, Incoterms, lead times, shipping times, follow-up times, EUR1 documents, and so on. Do not hesitate to contact us for deliveries to specific regions.

How does your sleep system contribute to improving sleep?

Our sleep systems offer individual adjustment options that allow users to optimize their lying position. This promotes blood circulation, reduces pressure points, and supports an ergonomically correct sleeping posture for a more restful night.

Do your sleep systems fit into standard bed frames?

Yes, our sleep systems are designed to fit seamlessly into all standard bed frames. This allows you to use your existing bed frame while still benefiting from the advantages of our slatted base. Additionally, we also offer all extra lengths and widths, as well as all fixed dimensions in 1cm increments.

What material is used and where does it come from?

All woods are beech and come from the EU. We do not use wood that is cut and processed outside the EU, such as in inferior sleep furniture that is mostly made of spruce, pine, or birch wood. The wood sometimes comes over long delivery routes from Asia, Turkey, or Russia and contradicts our corporate philosophy of sustainability. All plastic parts also come from Germany and the EU and are manufactured according to the guidelines of the food industry and the REACH chemical regulation. All our foams are made in Germany and Belgium by reputable manufacturers who produce according to the latest standards and with the highest quality requirements.

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